5 Things We Want to do on the RE Himalayan Today!

5 Things We Want to do on the RE Himalayan Today!


If you don't know what's happening on this date (tomorrow), then there's something wrong, or you can read this blog we wrote a year ago. But, if you're one of those who've been crazed by the news/rumours of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, then you'll agree with what we have to say!

We've been waiting for Enfield to finally launch the Himalayan forever now. After 2 years for a carefully strategised grapevine campaign, Enfield spoke out officially about the Himalayan for the 1st time around the 20th of Jan, 2016 and it was to let the world know that they'll be unveiling the adv tourer on 02 Feb '16.

Well, we can't wait to get our hands on the Himalayan and take it for a spin!

But to really get to know a bike that's touted to become the versatile flagship offering of a biggie like Royal Enfield, just taking it for a spin is not going to be enough. We need more.

Here's the top 5 things we want to do on the Himalayan, as soon as we can!

Disclaimer: Given how excited the author is (Aditya Phadke), you're going to see an overuse of exclamation marks (!) in this blog. Please sympathise with the poor bloke, he's almost ready to burst at the seams!
Motonomous Royal Enfield Himalayan Drift It

This one's a no-brainer really. The Himalayan is meant to leave the road behind and take on the trails. The bike has been purpose built for dual-sport riding. For the first time, we see a mono-shock rear suspension on an Enfield.

What better way to relish the RE Himalayan, than to drift in dirt! We want to test its off-roading mettle and come back with stupid smiles on our faces.

Motonomous Royal Enfield Himalayan Dip It

With that upswept exhaust, the ability to crank-start even without a battery and the raised front and rear fenders, the Royal Enfield Himalayn is almost amphibious! So we want to take it for a dip.

Pick the best line, stand up, put the bike in 2nd and ride the Himalayan across a freezing Himalayan ice-river or a gushing mud brown mountain stream in the Sahyadris.

Motonomous Royal Enfield Himalayan Rip It

Overhead cams baby!

That's all that matters. It's going to be too much fun to let the Himalayan loose on a highway, letting it munch miles! Let it rip!

Motonomous Royal Enfield Himalayan Jump It

It has a bash plate, long-travel suspension, button tyres, aggressive handlebars, and decent torque. The RE Himalayan is simply begging to be jumped.

Whether on an arena track or a jungle trail, we need to find that kicker or that table-top and jump it!

Motonomous Royal Enfield Himalayan Trip It

A long tour on the Royal Enfield Himalayan. That's the dream.

Side frames, tail rack, tank mounted frames, a big tank, touring-friendly seat and luggage options from the factory; it looks like the Himalayan will be ready for a long tour off the shelf!

And let us tell you, there's nothing that compares to the experience of long distance touring on a Royal Enfield!

So that's our list. What's yours?!

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