Reviewed! Rynox Advento Pants

Brand: Rynox Gears
Product: Advento Pants
Styling: All Season Armoured Riding Pants
Price: Rs 7,850/-
In use since: Nov ’15 to Present
Crash Tested: Yes (Details in the blog)
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Rynox launched two versions of armoured riding pants at the Rider Mania in Goa, November 2015. The flagship pants are called ADVENTO and the entry level pants are called RAID. There were a couple of features about the pants that got my attention.

So I got the Advento pants in Goa, and wore them during my ride back home. Since November 2015, I’ve worn them on every ride, both on and off the road. Out of my collection of armoured riding pants, the Rynox Advento pants have become my preferred pair of pants.

Let me tell you why. I warn you, the review is detailed and long, but at the end you’ll see why I like these pants so much.

After having used 3 different brands of purpose built armoured motorcycle pants, I’ve had a gripe with all 3 of them. The various sizes of armoured riding pants don’t take into account the differences in the heights of users with the same waist size. Consequently, the pants might fit you well at the waist, but unless you’re of the exact same height that the pants were made for, the knee armour will either be too high or too low.

Also, with the other armoured pants I’ve used, when I swing my legs over to sit on the bike, the pants obviously ride up a little in the crotch and so does the knee armour. So while in my riding position, 2/3rds of the armour sits above my knee cap, which compromises the safety that these pants offer.

Rynox has taken a brilliant approach in solving this issue. They call it the Knee Slap Mechanism.


And this is exactly where the Rynox Advento pants kill the competition by a long mile. The pants have a Rynox exclusive KneeSlap™ mechanism. Basically, the armour in the Advento pants is completely detachable. The armour sits inside a mesh pocket, which has heavy duty Velcro on one side. The legs of Advento have matching strips of Velcro on the inside, where the armour is supposed to go. This mechanism lets you adjust the knee armour as per your height, comfort and riding position WHILE you’re wearing the pants. The legs of Advento open up with the help of zippers on the inside of the leg, to let you adjust the armour to your liking.

Frankly, when I saw the pants for the first time I had my doubts about the practicality of this feature. Will it work the way Rynox claims? Will the pants retain their ergonomics when I reposition the armour? But most crucially, will the Velcro hold the armour in place during a crash?

Well, I’m glad I got the Advento pants when I did. In Jan 2016, I participated in a dirt-track race. I was wearing the Rynox Advento pants during the race, as a part of my kit. During the last lap, w3hile trying to overtake another racer, his rear tyre hit my front; and I was thrown about 6 feet in the air, over my handlebars! I landed on my knees and palms. I expected substantial damage, but thanks to the Advento pants, I simply stood up and walked away. So from experience I can say that the KneeSlap™ mechanism works well!


While the KneeSlap™ feature kept the armour in place, it was the quality of the armour itself that protected my knees from a considerable impact. The Rynox Advento pants come with Knox armour (EN-1621-Level 1) in the knees and the hips. Knox have been making specialised protection armour since 1981 and are at the top of their game today.

What I like about the Knox knee armour in the Rynox Advento pants is the coverage it offers. The armour is 13 inches long and 5 inches wide. Which means the knee armour covers the complete knee cap AND the shin. The armour ends exactly where my armoured boots start.

The Advento pants also come with asymmetrical hip armour, molded specifically for each side of the body. It is perfectly positioned to be out of the way when you’re riding and protect your ass if you take a fall.


Rynox seem to have given considerable thought to the material used in the Advento pants. The external shell of Advento is made from 600D* polyester fabric, with the reinforcement of 100D* genuine DuPont Cordura at impact zones. The 600D fabric keeps the pants lightweight, while the 1000D fabric ensures your knees don’t get road rash. I know from experience. It’s a good combination that does its job.

*Denier (‘D’) is a globally accepted unit of weight used to describe the thickness of woven fabrics.


This is another defining feature of the Rynox Advento pants. Brands like Rev’it! and Klim have had this feature in some of their pants. Now that Rynox has introduced it in India, and considering how well it works, we can expect to see similar features in other pants soon enough.

The Advento pants have ventilation panels just above the knees. Rynox calls it the AERO-FLIP™ mechanism. The vents on Advento are 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide. As you can expect from panels of this size, the ventilation they provide is crazy! The panels are backed by a sturdy mesh liner and can be opened or closed as and when you want. Typically, I keep the vents open by default and close them only when it gets too cold or if I’m off-roading on a particularly dusty trail.


The Advento pants come with two additional liners, an internal winter liner and an external rain liner.

Rynox haven’t mentioned the comfort/temperature rating of the winter liner anywhere on their site, and I haven’t yet had the chance to use the winter liner. However, based on my experience of similar liners in the past, the liner in the Advento looks like it’ll suffice for the Himalayan winter, and that’s as cold as it gets in India; at least where us motorcyclists can go.

Rynox also supplies an EXTERNAL rain liner with the Advento. I think that’s a really smart and practical choice. Most other pants today, come with internal rain liners. That’s just silly right? With a jacket, when it starts raining suddenly, one can stop, take the jacket off, insert the internal rain liner inside and then wear the jacket. But you can’t do the same thing with pants, can you? The build quality of the liner is pretty basic.


I like the way the Advento pants fit. They’re not too tight, they’re not too loose. They’re comfortable in the crotch and flex well with my movements.

The pants have elasticated panels on either side on the waist and also have Velcro adjustors. Together these two systems ensure you get a snug fit.

There’s a patch of SUPERGRIP™ fabric in the crotch. Basically, this patch has a rubberized finish. It gives you a better grip on the seat, especially when you break hard or want to rip away in a hurry.

There’s a wide accordion stretch panel on the waist. This highly contributes to the flexibility of the pants. The knees don’t have any stretch panels, but they aren’t missed. Instead, Rynox has pre-curved the knee portion on the pants to give them the required accentuation.


The reflective strips on the Advento pants are subtle but functional. There are two strips on the back, right at the bottom; two on the front, on the thighs; and there’s a reflective Rynox logo on the left thigh.

Rynox doesn’t say specifically on their site if the reflective strips are 3M or not, but so long the strips seem to be doing their job well. My pair of pants have gone through at least 10 wash cycles, but the reflective strips haven’t worn out.


Like I said before, I like the pants the way they are, but with the inclusion of some of these points, I think they’ll go a notch above.

Update: After having used the pants for 2-3 months, I had given detailed feedback to the guys at Rynox. At the time of writing this blog, I came to know that based on the feedback from me and a few other riders who had used the pants extensively, Rynox has released an updated version of their Advento and Raid pants. The new updated version of the pants was released in 2016 July 1st week.


I’d love to see a small addition in the already great ventilation system of Advento. Exit vents on the back of the pants; placed such that they’re not covered under the seat when I’m riding. I haven’t seen them on any pants from India. But if they’re required on a motorcycle jacket, then why don’t we see them on pants?

Update: Exit vents on the back of the legs have been added to Rynox Advento 2.0

Heat Resistance

To operate the KNEESLAP mechanism, the Advento pants have zippers running along the inside of the leg. I think the pants need to have a patch of heat resistant fabric covering the zipper, over the part that comes near or in contact with the motorcycle’s heated engine system. My pants have burn/melt marks where they occasionally come in contact with the silencer when I go off-roading or trail busting. The next time the same thing happens, I’m afraid the zipper will melt and then I won’t be able to operate the KNEESLAP mechanism.

Reflective Strips

The placement of the reflective strips on the thighs of the Advento pants could be shifted outward, towards the side. My concern here is that the way they’re placed currently:

  • The reflective strips get hidden when I ride, because they face upwards with my thighs when I fold my legs on the footpegs.
  • Also, these strips are placed on the AEROFLIP panels. So when the panels are folded open, the strips get hidden.

The same strips, placed outwards along the silhouette of the pants, so that they reflect back light on the traffic that is perpendicular to me will make much more sense.

Water Resistance

Though the pants come with an external rain liner, the fabric of the pants themselves doesn’t have any water resistance. It’d have been nice to see some basic level of water repellence built into the fabric so I don’t need to throw on the rain liner even during light drizzles.

Other Updates in Rynox Advento 2.0
  • The access to the pockets has been slanted for easier access
  • The Rynox Advento and Raid pants are now available in 6 sizes, from S to 3XL
  • A mesh gusset has been added at the bottom of the pants for added ventilation

So there it is, that’s my take on the Rynox Advento pants and why I they’ve become my preferred riding pants. If you’ve patiently read this blog to the end, then it either means you like the way I write or that you’re in market for a new pair of motorcycle pants and are now considering the Rynox Advento.

Go ahead. Buy them here. Thank me later.

Note: A sample of the Rynox Advento Pants was sent to Motonomous for review.

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